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About our Candles

  • Our candles are not machine made in an assembly line.  Each one is hand-poured, triple scented, top to bottom and made with the highest standards of quality.  Our wicks are specific to our hand blown glass jars and will ensure an even burn every time.  These candles will not run out of "smell" and will not "tunnel" leaving half the wax behind.
  • There is no outsourcing - everything is made right here in America.
  • Our paraffin wax is designed for the best possible scent throw (this matters a lot), and has a soft, creamy appearance. We use two different UV stabilizers to help protect the color. The candles are beautiful, and will stay that way.
  • Our fragrance oils are purchased through fragrance companies and are made fresh to order.  We do not purchase from craft and hobby stores.  
  • We offer an eclectic array of fragrances that have withstood our rigorous scrutiny. But we don’t “overdo” it, either. There’s no need to offer 9 different pine scents, for example. One will suffice, provided it is the best available. Try our Christmas Tree and you’ll see what I mean…

  • We truly have exceptional candles. Come take a look at our selection!

About our Company

I have enjoyed candles for as long as I can remember.  There is something about a home smelling wonderful that not only makes it comfortable, but also inviting.  I decided to make my own candles over eight years ago and what started out as a hobby, has turned into a passionate business.

It’s my goal to not only get my clients great candles, but to also offer them a first class shopping experience. I’ve been doing this a long time, which is a testament to not only my candles, but how I treat people. In short, all candles are shipped quickly, inquiries are answered promptly, and you can be assured of doing business with a real person who cares very deeply about providing quality service.


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